Sunday, January 01, 2006

My favorite movie(2)

I was instantly in love with the movie, the beautiful quality of every frame that made the movie appear to be one beautifully illustrated comic book and, of course, the similarity to the campy sci-fi movies of the 1930's.
The movie itself was first storyboard with crude animation so that the actors would understand what was happening in their scenes since the entire film was shot in front of blue screen.
Today the only programs we watch that are less than twenty minutes are situational comedies that parade a host of cardboard characters through redundant stories lines. We are a country that seems to forever be moving forward with little room to go back and even though we sometimes get nostalgic for a simpler film, or movie hero, it's not always possible to pull off with today's intellectual needs.

Environment and our life

Air pollution is a serious threat to human health, the environment and the overall competitiveness of our economy. Particularly at risk are children, the elderly and those who suffer from cardiac and respiratory ailments. Air pollution is also a global problem, reaching across national borders, requiring cooperation and partnerships with other countries.
The Agenda presents a path to improve air quality by targeting the leading sources of air pollution from transboundary, transportation, and major industrial sources, enhancing air quality monitoring and science, and engaging the public to take action to reduce pollution and protect their health such as through using
air quality forecasts.
Have fun visiting the site and learning more about clean air!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

My favorite movie

Alexander is an exciting movie!

As a Greek it really bothers me when Americans change our Greek history to amuse the people and make more money. Of course nobody would like this movie because they want to see.

Alexander to pick up big rocks like Hercules and to kill some dragons and gods on his way. They want to see blood and action and some heroes who will have a happy or at least bitter-sweet end. I admit that Oliver Stone overdid it a bit with the commentary but this movie was historically accurate and this commentary was very useful for people who didn't know the history. I am very proud as a Greek watch the history that i was reading in books in the big scene.
Of course it could be a better as any movie could be better but the technique of this movie is unique and I believe all the historical movies in the future should be based on the same pattern.

Monday, September 26, 2005

So exciting!!

This is my first time to write weekly diary in this blog. I hope Ican impr0ve my English

writting skill in this blog too. Specil thanks my English instructor "Ms.Delin." She told us this

useful network station. I really appreciate you once again, my teacher!